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Little Glasses Resort is a CORP of Engineer Lease. The mobile home units in the resort are individually owned, however, the land remains the property of the CORP of Engineers. All contracts and services are handled by Eukairia Corp. doing business as Little Glasses Resort as part of a CORP lease. Mobile homes are to be used for vacation purposes only. No sub-leasing is permitted. No permanent residence is allowed.


*All fees are payable to Little Glasses Resort

Lot rent is from $220 to $240 per month

  • Lots 8 – 39: $240 per month
  • Lots 66 – 67: $240 per month
  • Lots 73 – 76: $240 per month
  • Lots 200 – 310: $240 per month
  • All other lots: $220 per month
  • A discount of $5 per month will be given to mobile home rent pre-paid 6-12 months
  • Rates are subject to change

Lot renters will be charged for any work required by Little Glasses for the placement of a mobile home on an empty lot, or the removal of an existing mobile home.


Current services provided by Little Glasses Resort through the mobile home service rental agreement include:

  • Sewer
  • Trash pick-up

Mobile home owners are responsible for a membership to the Marshal County Rural Water System and REA Electric Coop.

Additional services offered for a charge:

  • Lot mowing/weed eating
  • Assistance in boat launching
  • Open and/or dry storage rental (depending on availability)
  • Boat slip rental (depending on availability)
  • Handy man services during off-season

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